Geography And Architecture 

 My mission was also known for it's beauty on the outside and in. You know what we call that at my mission geography and architecture. My mission was built in the Pacific Coast region. Where it was nice and sunny and had plenty of water. Well if you care about that you will care about this. My mission was built with these materials adobe (straw and mud), bricks, stain glass windows, and tile roofs. The layout of my mission was very simple. It had 1 church(The Great Stone Church), The Bell Wall (A 120 foot bell tower), Alot of workshops, storerooms, a patio, 1 cemeterey (Although very many C.A natives died), a place where they did most of their prayers known as the Serra Chapel, arches, quad rangle(a central area with four sides), forts (presidios) where the soldiers lived, and eight ranchos. Now all this stuff doesn't make my mission uniqe but this does. My mission obviously has many crosses. But they also like their stuff very tall and cathedral luike and grand style cruciform. Now the question is do you like my mission?