Hardships And Changes To The Mission

At my mission life was very hard. Most single girls or widows stayed inside. For others it was different. Most Acagchemem Indians living there were tired of mission life and wanted to go back to their old ways. Without permission they couldn't leave the mission so most ranaway and if soldiers found them all they could do was pray the beatings wouldn't cause death. Because the first person that ran away onlyn got scolded. But the next person and more either got very harshly punished or beaten or even could have been worst. Most of the time treatment was very harsh. Their harsh treatment beatings caused a few Acagchemem indians to die. But thats not at all the only thing that caused them to die. When the european came they brought new diseases that the C.A indians Immune system were not use to. Such as measles, chickenpox, smallpox, and syphilis. These deadly diseases caused most of the tribe members to die . In 1818 a group of pirates attacked my mission and stole wine and burnt some buildings. Also earlier on in 1812 a major earthquake ocurred just six yaers before the Great Stone church was built and destroyed the mission. While the earthquake ocurred everybody was kneeling down in church. Which means they had no sense of protection and no time to escape. That earthquake caused 40 people to die including 2 boys that got crushed to death while they were in the very tall bell tower. For a month the earth continued to crumble and rumble. And for years they were in the ruins. Actually for the next 30 years it was in the ruins. Until in 1910 the landmarks Club of California startyed to restore it. They finished restoring it in 1940.