Hello as you know my mission was the 7th mission to be built. Can you guess what mission this is? Well I will tell you the name of my mission which is San Juan Capistrano. My mission was built in 1775 and they finished building my mission on November 1,1776. The padres that had built my mission also needs to be regonized. So here you go the padres who built my mission is Father Junipero Serra and Fray Serra. You know why they built it because like all the other missions they needed a place to stay while they converted the C.A. Indians to christianity P.S my mission was named after St. John of Capistran (Italy). In honor of being the 15th century religious scholar. Also known as the Jewel of missions. But why do you care about all of this wonderful information if you don't know where it isa located at? Fine I will tell you my mission is located 7 miles of North of San Diego, less than 3 miles of the Pacific Ocean, and in Southern California. Now since you know enough about my mission lets get down and dirty!